#IdeaChallenge workshop: From Idea to Business Plan
September 11, 2014



Have you a vision how to revolutionise the information & communication technologies of tomorrow?

We have what it takes to get your business up and running!

Welcome to our workshop “From Idea To Business Plan” prepared  by Mission: ToRuntogether with EIT ICT Labs and Hub:raum Krakow

The latest Idea Challenge focuses on innovation in the following areas:

Cyber Security and Privacy
Internet of things
Urban life and mobility
Smart energy systems

The workshop will be presented by Luka Sucic from hub:raum Krakow

Read more about #IdeaChallenge here: Idea Challenge

After the workshop your idea will be ready for submission at #IdeaChallenge with the chance to win up to 40,000 € and profit from:

  • Coaching and mentoring from experts of the EIT ICT Labs Business Development Accelerator
  •  Integration into future EIT ICT Labs Action Line Activities
  •  Integration into pan-European partner network of the EIT ICT Labs
  •  Office space for up to 6 months in one of our Co-Location Centers

Meet the mentors during our workshop:

Hub:raum Kraków: Luka Sucic has a strong background in automotive, education, gaming, fashion and digital startups, mobile applications development and e-commerce. Prior to hub:raum Luka has been working in innovations department of Croatia Telekom on IPTV, OTT and new business telco projects. He is a consultant and a professional lecturer in area of a mobile and digital business development helping new start-ups and ideas to prosper. Luka will represent hub:raum Krakow at events & to external stakeholders and support the start-up selection. In his spare time he is always tinkering with his 3D printer and other Arduino projects.

EIT ICT Labs: Oliver Bey is Innovation Manager at the EIT ICT Labs, one of the Knowledge and Innovation Communities of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. He works on several projects supporting startups and fostering innovation in Europewith focus on Poland. Before joining EIT ICT Labs, Oliver Bey worked for a public private partnership as dissemination lead and project manager for international automotive and ICT research projects. In his role, he was also responsible for linking-up industry players with innovative ideas and products coming from start-ups. He studied European Studies/Political Science with focus on Central and Eastern European Countries.

Mission: ToRun: Patrick L Young  is an entrepreneur/C-suite executive and leading thinker about financial markets and investment, including fintech. Young has experience investing, running an exchange and a boutique investment bank as well as working in private equity markets. He is a cofounder of startup group Mission: ToRun and maintains a portfolio of non executive directorships and mentoring roles.