The Mission ToRun Manifesto
październik 1, 2014

The Mission ToRun Manifesto.

Our Mission is to:

1) Develop the local startup infrastructure, working with entrepreneurs and SMEs in the region of Kujawsko-Pomorskie, throughout Poland and indeed the world;

2) Encourage everybody of all ages to consider their own business;

3) Nurture startups in every walk of life;

4) Promote strong business ethics;

5) Engage with government at all levels to help the startup economy and enable small business to flourish;

6) Promote our Mission ToRun community and Polish startups at large, to investors throughout the world;

7) Apply an equal effort to any reasonable partnership that helps the economy;

8) Generate growth for the economy;

9) Build employment and generate prosperity;

10) Create a win win for our society.

Sound Good? Okay, join our Mission: To Run business…

Beata Young
Maciej Mikulski
Patrick L Young