Our community has been active since May 2013, focused on people interested in business and startups. We support the development of Toruń and Polish, entrepreneurs. We promote start-ups, inspired by the concept of Open Coffee.

During our meetings we organize presentations, video conferences and lectures by business experts. Amongst our guests have been Steve Smith, founder of 4th Story, Michael Ferlik of (both from silicon valley), Sławek Muturi - author of several books on financial freedom & owner of some 700 rental apartments. Maciej Karczewski is amongst the local entrepreneurs to have spoken.

Our meetings have demonstrated the potential and utility of our "mission". Participants  have made connections, done business, gained employment and created new ventures.

We have been featured in many media outlets, including local  press articles and interviews in the media such as: Gazeta Pomorska, Radio Zet Gold, Radio Gra, Teraz Toruń as well as Sputnik Radio and RT TV overseas, amongst others.


If you are interested in cooperating as we develop Toruń's startup scene 
please contact us via the contact form