Mission ToRun second anniversary
May 16, 2015

In cooperation with Geek Girls Carrots we would like to invite you to this special occasion that will take place on 21st of May 2015 at 6pm Hanza Cafe, Piekary 28 in Torun.

On this day we will have an opportnity to meet 5 speakers: Katarzyna Stosio-Witczak from Torun, Kate Diete from Australia, Paul McCain from England as well as Harut and Levon Arkelatyan from Armenia!

zfwy2kn8Kate Diete (@katediete) grew up in the Australian outback. Moved to London in 2012 without knowing a soul and landed a job as a senior global Change Manager in a digital agency. Kate’s experience is in development, project management and business analysis.
Kate loves business, health, tech, travel and leads a minimalist lifestyle.
agent_shadowPaul McCann (@_futuremccann) grew up in north west England and moved to London 8 years ago. Paul has worked in IT for 15 years, most recently as a systems architect.
Paul is minimalist, vegetarian who loves to travel.
Together, Kate & Paul quit their 9-5 corporate jobs and gave themselves the challenge of bootstrapping 12 startups in 12 months while travelling. They are 4 months and 4 startups into the challenge.
Their businesses are diverse and range from tea, greeting card subscriptions to crowdsourced user testing with a focus of online business that allow them to travel.
Kate & Paul have built everything in their businesses themselves, from the brand, websites to the business plans and marketing.

In their talk, Kate & Paul will discuss;

•Lifestyle design
•How & why they are creating 12 startups in 12 months
•What they’ve learnt from their challenge so far
•Steps to turning an idea into a business
To date, this year, Kate & Paul have launched 4 businesses whilst travelling;
www.teawitty.com – A loose leaf tea subscription service focused on health & travel
www.forgetfulmr.com – A greeting card and reminder service for special dates
www.findjuicebar.com – A worldwide juice bar locator
www.webevate.com – Crowdsourced user-testing

They are also documenting all learnings, pivots, travels and startups and transparently on www.innerwanderlust.com

00cc196Harut Arakelyan – Founder and CEO of Penny, a startup entusiast, who tries to bring newbreath to the world.During more than 5 years experience in IT, Harut tried different skills: he started career asan IT specialist at Tax Service of RA, then as a team lead of a small group of data analysts.Two years later he left his job to have his own role in mobile technology revolution. Workedas a mobile developer in several companies and projects. Made first steps to startup world

as CTO of one of the startups in Armenia and successfully managed and published their

product. Year later, he realized that it is the best moment to start his own venture. His

biggest achievement is that he could bring Hayk and Levon together in one strong team and

make them passionate enough to change the way people think about finances. Both of

them carry huge knowledge and several years of experience in IT industry that will help

them to lay foundation for Penny and make it one of the most successful startups in the


Harut has a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Informatics.


agent_shadowLevon Arkelatyan – CTO of Penny, combines many technology skills with a strong business


Has more than 10 years of experience creating software as well as building and leading teams within numerous fields, from Mobile and Web to EDA and trading systems. Levon has worked in several big companies and small startups. He and his wife have small family business of mobile game development and publishing. Levon has a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Informatics, and a M.S. in Computer Science, both from Yerevan State University.

Katarzyna Stosio WitczakKatarzyna Stosio-Witczak Loves to talk about rabbits but doesn’t about bunnies- why? You will learn from her speech!
Testing on trolls and haters the manoeuvres to puncture any argument, Katazyna adores writing statements and answering dificult comments. Her masters degree in Polish Language studies and postgraduate studies in coaching proves helpful in these tasks.
For the past 6 years Katarzyna has worked as an editor on the kierunkistudiow.pl portal. Since January 2013 she has been a Member of the Foundation Azyl dla Królików (Sanctuary for Rabbits)where she deals mainly with communication on the internet and fundraising.

Apart from that Katarzyna has an important role in Torun Geek Girls Carrots community, working alongside Beata Young, bringing valuable knowledge to local community and diving the diversity change in ICT.






Event schedule:

18:00 Greeting: Beata &Patrick Young

18:10 Katarzyna Stosio- Witczak: Pasja czy praca? (passion or work? speech in Polish)

18:30 Harut and Levan Arakelyan: Manage your finances better with Penny

18:50 Kate Diete and Paul McCann: 12 startups in a year challenge

And traditionally time for networking!